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My experience as a trial attorney having represented both Plaintiffs and Defendants provides me with a unique perspective, that is a valuable tool for my clients. Please call me should you wish to discuss any legal matter. Initial Consultation is FREE!
Verdicts & Settlements


About The Atlanta Attorney

Jeff S. Klein, one of the leading Atlanta personal injury lawyers, went to undergraduate school on an academic scholarship and went to Emory University law school on a partial scholarship. He graduated in 1982 at the top of his class.

Jeff spent the first seven years of his career in the Law Department for the City of Atlanta where he learned to become a trial attorney. He was promoted several times and left in 1989 to form his own firm. At that time he was an Assistant City Attorney and head of the division responsible for providing legal representation and all litigation for the City of Atlanta's Department of Public Safety.

While Jeff was a government attorney he represented The Joint City County Board of Tax Assessors and The City of Atlanta's License Review Board. He was also the attorney for Hartsfield International Airport for two years when he represented the City of Atlanta's Department of Aviation. His years of experience have helped him to become one of the most highly regarded Atlanta personal injury lawyer.

Jeff currently practices only in the area of personal injury and worker's compensation. Heis an Atlanta attorney that will only represent accident victims or injury victims, and does not represent any insurance companies.

All of Jeff's cases involve serious bodily injuries or wrongful death. In the area of personal injury his practice concentrates on motor vehicle accidents including car, motorcycle and tractor trailer wrecks. Mr. Klein also represents clients who receive bodily injuries due to medical mal-practice or who are hurt as a result of negligence occurring at varied locations. Jeff tries to limit the number of cases he takes so that he can personally work on each client's matter. "I work hard to practice law ethically and honestly and adhere to the rules of conduct that govern my profession." Jeff S. Klein. His high ideals and work ethics make him the most sought after personal injury attorney of Atlanta. To get adequately compensated contact attorney Jeff Klein from Atlanta.

Take a quick look at the list below to see how efficient an attorney Jeff Klein and his team of lawyers are.

Verdicts & Settlements

Motor Vehicles Accidents Case Results

$150,000.00 for a fractured femur in a motorcyle wreck
$145,000.00 for a broken leg
$200,000.00 for a shoulder injury
$375,000.00 for a foot and leg injury
$130,000.00 for soft tissue injury involving DUI
$275,000.00 for a shoulder injury
$175,000.00 for a back injury
$250,000.00 for facial scars involving a DUI
$250,000.00 for a back injury
$262,000.00 for a neck injury
$575,000.00 for a death

Accidents Involving Falls Case Results

$250,000.00 for a broken hip
$175,000.00 for a torn rotator cuff shoulder injury
$625,000.00 for a death
$75,000.00 for a broken wrist

Defective Products Case Results

$150,000.00 for injuries to a hand in a defective lawnmower

Worker's Compensation Settlments

$196,000.00 for a hand injury
$130,000.00 for a back injury
$235,000.00 for abdoninal impalement
$300,000.00 for a back injury
$300,000.00 for a shoulder injury
$298,000.00 for a back injury

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Atlanta attorney Jeff Klein, has helped hundreds of clients throughout Georgia to get appropriate compensation for auto accident and personal injury victims. Jeff has successfully handled personal injury cases & wrongful death resulting in severe injuries due to vehicular accidents, or as a result of negligence occurring at varied locations. For further information in reference to a personal injury matter or workers' compensation law in Atlanta, Georgia, please contact Jeff Klein's law firm by calling.